• Building a more inclusive society



  • Sense of Well-being

    By teaching Emotional Intelligence


    A better human experience

    Education in Singapore focus on the theories and technical capacity. Math and Sciences are given the spotlight to success. There is an over-emphasis on obtaining the perfect grades. The average Singaporean is not as involved in the community as one might expect. Rather than being just cog in a machine, we hope bring about more wisdom through connection. Skills and values such as how to be polite, kindness, compassion can only be learnt through experience and we would like to use technology to achieve that. We hope create a space where there isn’t an oppressing pressure to do well for the sake of it. By connecting people through shared experience and the learning of a skill, they can learn how to socialise, face the challenges of daily life; learn how to live.

  • The Big Question

    How Might We Create An Inclusive Society Through Habitual Reinforcement Via Integrated Technology And Common Space?

  • Our Ideas and Inspirations

    • A platform where people can develop emotional skills
    • Away from 'oppressive' structures
    • Create a closely-knit community- a 'Kampong' spirit
    • Allow people to share ideas,experiences and collaborate in activities


    Our app for the masses

    Creating a friend close to home to help us improve emotional skills.

    Connecting the Passionate

    Connecting Potential Teachers to Keen Student

    We hope to create an app where we can connect People with similar interest but vastly different experience to teach and do side projects together

  • Our Core Values


    Within anyone's grasp

    We want to make a social platform that anyone can procure.


    The closeness of community

    We want to increase the quality of relationship skills through the app

    Enjoy the Journey

    Improving human experience, one step at a time.

    Using habit to integrate emotional skills into daily life.

  • People & Places

    Find us all over the world!(we hope)

    We Care About the Human Experience

    It's the most worthwhile thing we can have.

    Life is short, we should live to it's highest potential.

    We're Always Improving!

    It's our first day

    We are creating an app to boost social exposure within a community.

  • Progression

    [08/21/2016] We have started analyzing trends of perceived EQ.

  • The Team

    Shawn Lim SongQi

    Freshmore Class of 2019

    Lee Jun Yu

    Freshmore Class of 2019

    Teh You Yun Eugene

    Freshmore Class of 2019


    Eugene - 92962838

    Jun Yu - 90353556

    Shawn Lim - 92343276